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“The staff place a great emphasis on customer care, quality training and has produced first rate students.”

– Rockliffe Hall

Whatever your requirements may be, we’ll help you find the most appropriate training solution to develop your workforce and meet your goals. We offer an extensive collection of flexible and high quality training programmes that are suitable for all organisations. And professionally qualified experts with the skills and experience to satisfy the needs of both employers and employees deliver our courses.


Apprentices are an asset to your organisation and more than 130,000 businesses in England rely on apprenticeships to provide highly skilled workers for the future. We offer all levels of apprenticeship for every size of business, across many different industries. A range of funding is available to help reduce the cost of recruiting an apprentice.

For more information please visit the Apprenticeships page.

Bespoke Training

Flexibility and choice are our main concerns and we frequently work with organisations to deliver customised training that meets specific business needs. Our training professionals can design a bespoke training package built around your individual requirements, from one-day courses to accredited higher education programmes.

Whether for a single employee, a whole department or an entire organisation, we can design courses that benefit your business and transform your workforce.

For more information please visit the Bespoke Training page.

Gas Training and Assessment Centre

Gas professionals and organisations of all sizes can benefit from the courses and facilities available at our dedicated Gas Training and Assessment Centre. The centre has state-of-the-art resources to help you meet industry standards, and our tutors are former industry professionals who can advise on the latest legislation, industry changes and the Gas Registration Scheme.

For more information please visit the Gas Training and Assessment Centre.

Part Time and Short Courses

Highly experienced vocational teaching staff deliver part time and short courses that offer practical skills to develop your workforce. These can be delivered at the college or in the workplace.

Part time courses cover an assortment of vocations and are run both during the daytime and during evenings. Many courses lead to nationally recognised qualifications so your employees can meet industry standards. The selection of courses is regularly updated but usually includes popular vocations such as beauty therapy, catering, engineering, hairdressing, and health and childcare.

Short courses last from several weeks to a half day and can help your workforce meet statutory requirements or keep up to date with legislation. Courses include subjects such as CISCO, electrical installation, food safety and more.

For more information please visit the Part Time and Short Courses page.

Management and Professional Qualifications

If you want your employees to deliver best practice and high performance standards, we offer both university level qualifications and a wide range of management and professional qualifications.

Our management and professional qualifications meet the needs of specific professions including accounting, human resources, marketing and many others.

University level qualifications are delivered in partnership with Teesside University and include Foundation degrees and Higher National Certificates and Diplomas (HNCs and HNDs). They cover a number of subjects including business, computing, web design, early years and more.

For more information please visit the University Level course section.

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