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You asked and we listened Then we did
Games Development students suggested a full group project rather than small group projects. This is being done next year as a trial to mix art, games, photography groups together to do a project.
In the TV/Film screening room the chairs are uncomfortable for a full length film. Could there be specific chairs for the screening room. This is to be part of our new development/ building works from September 2014. This will be part of our proposal and we will welcome further student feedback on this issue.
The lack of a date on student ID cards means that they are rejected in shops for student discounts. The academic year will be put back on the cards from September 2014.
The cash machine often only has £20 notes in so we can’t get money out. The Finance Manager flags this issue up to the bank every time they come in.
Student PC memory is less than last year and needs to be larger. Please use Office 365 as students can then get 32GB of storage. There is a link to Office 365 on the Student Hub.
Inconsistent access to certain internet sites. We need YouTube for our work so we need more open access. YouTube has been banned for most student types (except HE and MDC) in previous years. However, this year access has been opened up to students for the educational version. Computing, Media, HE and Public Services have full access to YouTube.
Students commented that Wi-Fi was difficult to connect to and no-one seemed to know the right code. The college is about to launch a new Wi-Fi network for students so this should be a lot better.
Project-U students said they felt they got lots of help both from their Tutor and Learning Support Assistant. The college aims to support all students as much as possible so that they can progress in their learning or to employment.

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