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College can be affordable as we can provide financial support whilst you are studying.

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The college has funds to help you whilst you study. Get your student finance application form in as early as possible.

Student Finance Application Form

You can download the student financial support Application Form 2017-18 here . (Alternatively a PDF version of this form can be found at the bottom of this page.)

For help in filling out the application form see our Guidance notes 2017-2018 and please also read our Terms and Conditions 2017-18, then if you are still unsure, call our friendly staff on 01325 503037, or email .

Please note that if you are applying for financial help to the college, meals are based on a different criteria, and will be assessed differently to the general financial support fund.

Transport assistance

Support with transport is for those students with a household income of below £25,000 and live more than 3 miles from the college. Assistance includes:

  • A contribution towards a free local authority bus pass for North Yorkshire students (16-18’s)*. You must apply directly to the North Yorkshire County Council school/college transport area on their website. Please apply at NYCC.
  • Free Arriva bus pass for Darlington, County Durham, and Tees Valley Students*.
  • Travel grant worth up to £654 for students either with their own car or who can’t use public transport*.

Bursary grant

If your household income is less than £16,000 you can receive a bursary grant of up to £540.

16-18 Guaranteed bursary

A bursary is available for students that are aged 16 or over and under 19 on the 31st of August 2017 and have been defined by the Government as being a ‘vulnerable student’ and who meet the following criteria;

  • Currently in care or have recently been in care (a child aged 16 and 17 who has been looked after for at least 13 weeks since the age of 14).
  • Receive Income Support or Universal Credit in their own right (not parents)
  • Are disabled and receive BOTH Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments in their own right (under 19s).

The guaranteed bursary supports students with £1,200 per year in the form of kits, essential equipment, and transport.

Essential clothing, equipment and kits

You can receive a contribution of up to £250 for help with the cost of essential clothing, equipment and kits for your courses such as hairdressing, beauty or catering kits and uniforms etc. To qualify your household income must be below £25,000.*

Free meals

To be eligible for free meals, a student’s parent(s) should be in receipt of one of the following:-

  • Income Support; Income-Based Jobseeker’s Allowance; Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance;
  • Child Tax Credit, provided you are not entitled to Working Tax Credit, and have an annual household income (as assessed by HM Revenue & Customs) that does not exceed £16,190;
  • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 or Guarantee element of State Pension Credit;
  • Where parent(s) are entitled to Working Tax Credit during a four-week ‘run-on’ period after they stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit, their children are entitled to free meals;
  • Students aged 16-18 who receive Income Support or Income Based Jobseekers Allowance in their own right are also entitled to free meals.

Support with childcare costs

If you are under 20 when you enrol on your courses you may qualify for childcare fees whilst you study through the Care to Learn Fund. For more details visit and follow the link for Care to Learn or call the helpline on 0800 1218989.


*These benefits are means tested and subject to conditions.  The level of support the college can offer students is dependent on the total funding received from government.

All support given is subject to students meeting agreed standards relating to attendance (not falling below 90%) and standards of behaviour. Failure to meet these standards will mean withdrawal of funds.

For further information on all aspects of financial support contact our Student Finance Department:

Call: 01325 503037


PDF document versions:


Enquiry Form

If you have any questions or thoughts don't hesitate to let us know!

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