How will the College identify a child/young person’s special educational needs or disabilities?

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  • Learner needs are usually highlighted to the College by feeder schools and Local Authority SEN Departments.
  • If a child/young person has an Education, Health & Care Plan or other SEN Support Plan the College will attend the Year 11 or 13 annual review if the college is named as the child/young persons preferred post 16 provider. The college will attend these reviews from Year 9 if invited.
  • On the college application form students are encouraged to disclose any special educational needs and disabilities.
  • At the interview/enrolment/assessment stages students are encouraged to discuss their support needs.
  • College Progression Coaches and/or tutors can refer learners to the Additional Learning Support Service if they feel additional support may be required for a student to reach their full potential.
  • Parents and/or students may self-refer at any time to the Additional Learning Support Service while studying at the College.

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