Preparing students for adulthood

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The college is committed to ensuring that provision enables all young people to prepare for adult life, including stunts with special educational needs and disabilities

All student have the opportunity to develop their employability skills. Students develop their skills in a variety of ways depending on what programme they are on and where they are on their learning journey. Activities include external work placements, in-college real work activities, enterprise projects, volunteering and fund raising opportunities and live project work.

Other enrichment opportunities give students the opportunity to develop their wider personal skills through participation in group activities etc.

The Next Steps curriculum is specifically designed to ensure that students cover a wide range of units to enable the development of their wider personal skills and awareness of key issues facing people in adulthood.

Alongside families, the college will work with social care and health professionals as part of the EHC Plan review process to plan to ensure students have the opportunity to plan effectively for when they leave college and be able to live as independently as possible, know how to be healthy and be actively involved in their local communities.

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