Monitoring a student’s progress at College

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  • Every full time student on a mainstream programme will be allocated a Progression Coach who work very closely with Programme leaders and teaching teams. Progression Coaches will complete tutorial reviews (at least 5 in an academic year) to discuss the student’s progress towards targets, how support is working/not working and discuss any other barriers students may be facing. They liaise closely with the Additional Learning Support service and Student Support Service if there are any needs that are not being met.
  • Personal tutors complete tutorial reviews with students on the Next Steps provision and alongside dedicated LLDD Coordinators communicate with parents/carers frequently regarding the progress of students.
  • All parents/carers of full time students with SEN will be invited to 2 Parents Evenings throughout the academic year to discuss progress with Programme Leaders.
  • All parents/carers of full time students with SEN will receive 3 Progress Reports from the Programme Leader throughout an academic year to ensure they are informed of student progress.
  • The Additional Learning Support service will complete statutory annual reviews for students with an Education, Health and Care plan in accordance with the SEN Code of Practice.
  • The Additional Learning Support service will liaise with parents/carers/external professionals regarding any issues/concerns as they arise.
  • Parents/carers can request a meeting at any point throughout the year if they have any issues or concerns regarding a student’s progress. This can be requested directly with a Programme Leader, Progression Coach or LLDD Coordinator

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