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Working closely with the Principal, the Corporation Board is responsible for approving the college’s mission statement, its strategic priorities and direction and for maintaining the overall framework of policies and procedures within which the college operates. Governors help the college to maintain a long-term focus whilst working on its short term goal and plans.


Consultation document relating to the modification of instrument and articles of government for Darlington College


Equality and Diversity Policy 2017

Subcontracting Fees and Charges Policy 2017

Darlington College Financial Statements 2017

From 5 April 2017 all organisations with 250 or more employees are legally required to publish specific figures about their gender pay gap. This data must be displayed on the organisation’s website and also submitted to the government’s online reporting service in order to comply with the new Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations.

Darlington College employed 455 staff on 31 March 2017, which was the necessary census point. The attached report provides a breakdown of the gender pay gap calculations for Darlington College together with a brief explanatory narrative. Further information is available at www.acas.org.uk/genderpay and www.gov.uk/genderpaygap

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017


Darlington College Subcontracting Supply-Chain Fees and Charges Policy 2016

Darlington College Partner Income 2015-2016

Darlington College Financial Statements 2016







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