University Level Qualifications Explained

University Level Qualifications are run at Darlington College through our Higher Education Business Partnership with Teesside University

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Foundation Degrees

Foundation degrees are vocational qualifications that provide you with the specialist knowledge and skills equivalent to the first two years of a full time, three year degree course. Foundation degrees are developed in collaboration with employers to ensure they provide the skills required in industry. They can open up new job opportunities or promotions, or prepare you for developing your professional skills in the future. Thanks to our partnership with Teesside University, you are ensured smooth progression from our foundation degrees onto the final year of an honours degree at Teesside University.

Higher National Certificates (HNC) and Diplomas (HND)

HNCs and HNDs are vocationally orientated qualifications and develop your skills to a similar level of the first two years of a degree course. These skills are particularly relevant to the workplace, and therefore highly valued by employers.

Have a look at the University Level Qualifications available at the Course section.

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