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Want to find out how much your part time study will cost, and whether you can get help in paying fees?

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Teesside University Courses


For Higher Education courses that are run through Teesside University please follow this link Teesside find out about fees.  This information only applies to courses that are run in partnership with Teesside University.

How loan repayments work

Your loan repayments will only start if you are earning over £25,000 in the April, 4 years after the start of your course or the April after you leave your course, whichever comes first. Repayments are based on what you earn, not on the amount you borrow. If you are earning less than £25,000 a year at this point you will not begin repaying your loans. If you are earning over £25,000 a year your repayment will be calculated as 9% of any income you have above £25,000.

Further information can also be found at

Maintenance Grant

Around half of all full time students are also likely to be eligible for a yearly Maintenance Grant. You will be assessed for this grant when you submit your application for support to Student Finance England. This grant is means tested based on household income and also affects the amount of student loan you will be eligible to receive. This is non-repayable money to help with your living costs.

For further information contact the Student Services Team at Teesside University on 01642 342277, email or visit

Maintenance Loan

All full time UK students can apply for a maintenance loan towards their living costs. All students are entitled to borrow up to 72% of the maximum amount made available by the Government. The remaining 28% is means-tested. How much of this remaining support you can get depends on your household income and the amount of Maintenance Grant you receive. This loan is repaid together with the Tuition Fee Loan. Contact Student Finance Direct online at

Support from Teesside University

We offer a range of other financial support for students who may need additional help funding their studies, in line with our reputation for fair access.

Teesside University Student Support Fund (TUSSF)

The University makes available a fund to assist full time students financially during their studies who may find themselves in hardship. The fund is means tested and application forms are available from Library and Student Life Services at the University. For help or advice contact Teesside University Student Services on:

T: 01642 342277  or email

Disabled Student Allowance

If you are a student with a disability or specific learning difficulty, you may be able to receive extra help from the Disabled Student Allowance. It is a grant to help meet the extra costs you may face as a direct result of a disability or specific learning difficulty. The allowance is designed to help disabled students study on an equal basis with others. This funding is available for all courses except university certificates. The amount you receive is not dependent on your household income.

For advice about the support available contact Student Services at Teesside or for more information you can also visit

Teesside University Disability Services

T: 01642 342277


Elite Athlete Bursary Scheme

Up to £1,000 worth of support is available for talented students, as part of a comprehensive support package.


Management and Professional Courses

Professional and Career Development Loans

A Professional and Career Development Loan could help you pay for learning that enhances your job skills or careers prospects. It’s a bank loan, so you will have to pay it back once you’ve left your course. However you don’t pay interest for the period when you’re in learning. If you are studying a Management and Professional Qualification that runs up to two years it might be just what you need.

When you take out a Professional and Career Development Loan you make an agreement with a participating bank to borrow an amount between £300 and £10,000. Then once you’ve stopped studying, you pay it back in the normal way. The government pays the interest on the loan while you’re studying – and for one month afterwards. After this you will pay interest at the rate fixed when you took out the loan. Interest rates on the loans are set so they’re competitive with other ‘unsecured’ personal loans that are commercially available.

For more information on Professional and Career Development Loans visit

Additional support

Asking your employer for support

Employers may be able to pay part or all of your fees upfront. You get to study for a qualification that will improve your ability to do your job and advance your career prospects, and your employer benefits from a better qualified, more productive and motivated employee.

If your company doesn’t have any sponsored programmes, but you still think further study would be beneficial to both them and you, arrange to make a proposal to them. The first person to talk to will be your line manager but you should also be prepared to make a case to other senior staff or the personnel manager, who may make decisions on training expenditure. You may find that you can use your appraisal as an opportunity to raise the question of doing a higher education course.

Show your manager you have carried out some research and identified possible options. Emphasise the benefits you feel the course will bring to the company and demonstrate how you see it fitting in to your longer-term career development within the organisation.

For more information on employer support visit our employer support page.

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