The North East Collaborative Outreach Programme (NECOP) is a consortium of all of the universities and colleges in the North East region. We are working together to support young people in the North East to think about their futures and how higher education can help them reach their goals. We aim to increase awareness of higher education opportunities and progression pathways for young people.

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NECOP          Future Me


FutureMe is the programme of activity that will be offered to students by NECOP in targeted areas and schools. Students taking part in FutureMe will have access to a range of activities and events to support them in considering their future options and learning about educational pathways available to them. By taking part in FutureMe activities we want young people to:

•          Have the opportunity to plan for their future and gain an understanding of what can support them in reaching their goals

•          Have access to high quality information and support to help them consider whether higher education is the right option for them

•          Have an increased awareness and understanding of higher education opportunities and progression pathways in the region.

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