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Employer Sponsorship

An excellent way of combining work and study is to look for companies with sponsored degree programmes. Not only will you gain a relevant qualification which will help your career, but your employer may be able to pay part or all of your fees.

An employer-sponsored course seems an ideal arrangement. You get to study for a qualification that will improve your ability to do your job and advance your career prospects, and your employer benefits from a better-qualified, more productive and motivated employee.

Approaching Your Employer

If your company doesn’t have any sponsored programmes, but you still think further study would be beneficial to both them and you arrange to make a proposal to them. The first person to talk to will be your line manager but you should also be prepared to make a case to other senior staff or the personnel manager, who may make decisions on training expenditure.

You may find that you can use your appraisal as an opportunity to raise the question of doing a University Level course. Show your manager you have carried out some research and identified possible options. Emphasise the benefits you feel the course will bring to the company and demonstrate how you see it fitting in to your longer-term career development within the organisation.

Signing An Agreement

Once your employer has agreed to fund your course, you may be asked to sign an agreement which will expect you to remain with the company for a certain period of time once you have completed the course. This is not unusual as the company is investing in you. It may be a good idea to agree time off for revision and exams, or to arrange different work patterns to be able to fit in your study and discuss any allowance for study materials that you might need.


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