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Academic Appeals Procedure

Academic appeals for students would be conducted via the procedure laid out in the Academic Appeals Regulations – click here to view the regulations .  Initially, in the early resolution phase, it is hoped that any appeal can be dealt with informally between the student and the college, to discuss the basis of the appeal and for the college to review the assessment decisions. This is dealt with within the curriculum area, within the college, to ensure that the assessed work is reviewed by another member of staff for moderation, to ensure accurate grading has been applied. Grade adjustments would be made if the appeal was upheld but otherwise, if the original grading stands and the student was still not satisfied, then the formal stage must be entered into, where the student will apply to Office of Student Complaints, Appeals and Regulations (OSCAR), when the formal appeals procedure would begin.

Student Complaints Procedure

To register a comment or complaint you (as the student) should, in the first instance, email or collect a Customer Comments Form from reception. The college will then process the complaint through its own procedure, carry out an investigation, and respond within 20 working days with an outcome.  If the complaint is not resolved under the College Complaints Procedure to your satisfaction, you may refer the complaint to OSCAR, under Stage 3 of the University Student Complaints Procedure – click here to view the complaints procedure .

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