We have detected you are logging in from outside of Darlington College.

Please use the following information when logging in to the LMS.

User name: darlington\1234567 (replace 1234567 with your student ID number or your staff id name e.g. darlington\jbloggs)

Password: Your normal IT account Password that you use to log on to a College PC.

This is a Back-slash \

This is a forward-slash /


You MUST use a back-slash \ between darlington and your id number: 12233456 when you are logging in from outside of college.

You may need to switch accounts to be able to input the “darlington\” before your ID number.

  1. Click on “Use Another Account” (see below)
  2. Enter in the User name field: darlington\ and then your ID number (students) or your log on name (staff) Eg: darlington\123456 Or darlington\jappleseed
  3. You should now be taken to your home screen on the LMS with all your courses showing.
  4. If you have any further difficulties please check the following before contacting IT Services at Darlington College itservicedesk@darlington.ac.uk
  5. Check

    If you answer no to either of the above questions, you will not be active on the LMS and cannot log in. Try again once you have completed these two tasks.

    For information…. Please take note.

    CANNOT google/bing search for LMS

    You cannot log in to the LMS if you have not logged in to a College PC