Ultra-runner Sharon hoping for another world record

In News, on the 9th, February 2015

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Written by Harry de Cosemo, Sports Journalism student

A North-East based ultra-runner and Darlington College sports tutor could be heading for her eighth world record, 20 years after running her first mile.

Sharon Gayter, 51, who lives in Guisborough and splits her time between running and lecturing in Sports Science has represented Great Britain and competed all over the world.

This week (from 7th – 15th February) Sharon is in Abu Dhabi for an amazing 200km desert race. Then Sharon will step back into the gym and attempt to break what could be four running records in one, once confirmation comes through from Guinness World Records.

Sharon already holds the records for the furthest run on a treadmill in a week after running for 833km and also the longest distance in 24 hours.

If she completes her new treadmill challenge, she will have run the fastest time for 100km and 100 miles, and the longest distance in 12 hours and 48 hours. Sharon said: “I knew the 48 hour record was in my grasp. I believe the records haven’t been set yet. Guinness World Records take 12 weeks to answer any queries, which is why we are still waiting.”

Sharon only started running in her ‘20s and couldn’t run a mile when she started. Today she is now hooked.

“I had a goal of running the London marathon. Somebody at work bought me a pair of running shoes and I felt so guilty it actually made me start running but it took me three weeks to run a mile non-stop. I wasn’t a fit person. As for now, “It’s part of my life, it’s something I love doing. If I ever couldn’t run, I’d be incredibly depressed,” Sharon added.

Read more about Sharon on her website www.sharongayter.com


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