TV, Film and Media students join a global campaign spearheaded by Hollywood actor Robert De Niro highlighting the plight of refugees

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Darlington College students will be part of a worldwide screening of the documentary Ellis, starring the legendary Academy Award winner.

They will take a picture of themselves watching the film on November 9 in the college’s screening room, which will be posted on an interactive map simultaneously with other viewers from around the globe.

Acclaimed artist JR has produced the short film with De Niro to highlight the issue of immigration.

He said: “Talking about the past is the best way to understand the present and to approach our future.

“We are a country of immigrants and refugees. By remembering our own history and humanity we can begin to ignite a conversation about immigration and the make-up of our country.”

In the film De Niro helps take the audience back to the early years of Ellis Island, stepping into the experience of one immigrant. Ellis tells the forgotten story of immigrants who built America, while questioning the policy for those who currently seek the same opportunities and safety in the US and other parts of the world.

Ellis Island featured in one of De Niro’s most famous movies, The Godfather II and as a Brooklyn man he is well versed in the impact of immigration.

Darlington College tutor Eric Walsh said: “To be part of a global campaign will be an incredible opportunity for our students and we are delighted to have been selected by organisers Picture Motion.

“Ellis resonates loudly with us as we take students on a study trip to New York and always visit the island’s immigration museum. America knows only too well the issues and opportunities mass immigration can throw up and the screening will help our students gain an invaluable insight into the matter.”

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