TRAINEE journalists join forces with touring theatre group to cover opening night of World War One play Regeneration at Darlington Civic Theatre.

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By James Bolton, David Huntley, Poppy Kennedy & Karl Simmonds

Based on North East writer Pat Barker’s 1991 novel, the play focuses on the treatment of returning soldiers suffering from shellshock.

Theatre Cloud is an online hub celebrating the best of UK theatre and encourages young people to get involved in the arts. As part of this, they invited Darlington College’s NCTJ and BA Journalism students to report on the four-day run of the play.

The trainees are creating a multimedia package of content ranging from reviews of the performance, backstage interviews with the cast and crew and views from the audience.

The play has been adapted for the stage by Olivier award winning playwright, Nicholas Wright and produced by the Touring Consortium, with its opening performance coinciding with Armistice Day.

Associate Producer, Neale Birch, said: “Regeneration offers a different look at World War One, we didn’t wish to just get bogged down in the trenches.”

He added: “The meeting of poets, Wilfred Own and Siegfried Sassoon, is one of the great moments in the history of English literature.”

Set in Craiglockhart War Hospital, Edinburgh, where influential Great War poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon were treated during 1917, the story portrays the relationship between the writers and how they developed each other’s literary work.

The play’s opening night was well received with theatregoer, Mary Crane. She said: “I’ve read the book and I was concerned how it would sieve down into a play but I’m delighted with how it’s been done.”

In addition to the play, the project also hosts educational workshops and a page to stage master class, exploring war poetry and the creative aspects of theatre production.

NCTJ trainee journalist’ Peter Mann, said: “The opportunity to be involved in this exciting project has been great fun and will provide me with valuable and practical experience.”

Regeneration will feature at Darlington Civic Theatre until Saturday (November 15).

Tickets can be purchased at the box office or online:


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