Students Work With The Police to Spread Awareness About The Dangers of Using Legal Highs.

In News, on the 25th, September 2015

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Darlington College students with Sarah Norman and Annette Metcalfe, the partnership liaison officer for Durham Police.

Story by Rebecca Parkinson, NCTJ Trainee Journalist

Art students at Darlington College are designing posters for County Durham Police to showcase to the public and school children about the use of legal highs and the dangers that surround them.

Legal highs contain chemicals which produce effects similar to those of illegal drugs, such as hallucinations, erratic behaviour and raised heart beat. These drugs are often sold as things like incense, plant food and bath salts, as they are not fit for human consumption.

Drug intervention coordinator for Durham Constabulary, Sarah Norman, met with students on the BTEC Extended Diploma in Art and Design course who are specialising in graphics, photography and fashion. They discussed the message to give to young people about the dangers of legal highs and gave students valuable information for their posters.

“Just because someone sells you something as legal, it doesn’t mean it’s safe and it doesn’t mean it’s legal.”

Sarah also explained why she chose college students to get involved with the project.

“We’re not best placed to educate young people, so we hope a poster designed by young people will appeal to the same audience.”

For more information on the different types of legal highs and some of the effects that they can have, go to


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