Public Services Students Raise £1500 To Send Local Family on First Holiday Together

In In the Press, News, School Leavers, on the 7th, May 2015

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Michelle Mulholland with her children, William, 5 and Abigail, 7

By NCTJ Journalism trainee Poppy Kennedy

A GROUP of students have tackled a 45 mile trek along Hadrian’s Wall to send a family on their dream holiday.

Public service students from Darlington College have completed a sponsored walk along part of Hadrian’s Wall which has raised almost £1,500 for a family from Spennymoor, County Durham, to have their first holiday together.

Five-year-old William Mulholland, who has Down’s syndrome, was diagnosed with leukaemia two years ago. His treatment is due to end in September.

His parents have been juggling their jobs with caring for the youngster and have to take time off separately to ensure one of them is home with their two children.

William’s mother, Michelle Mulholland, 37, a staff nurse, said: “We were totally shocked that they even thought of us.

“My husband had been in a couple of times and said they’re really nice kids. He must have really made an impression. It’s a lovely thing for them to do.

“He was so touched. They could have problems in their own families but for them to choose us is so lovely.”

With the money the students raised, Mr and Mrs Mulholland hope to take daughter Abigail, seven, who has autism, and their son William on holiday to a Centre Parcs resort.

The 26 students trekked a gruelling 45 miles along Hadrian’s Wall over three days last week.

Student Lydia Forde, 17, from Brompton on Swale, said after two years on the course it’s our last opportunity to work together and it’s great that we can give something back.



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