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In News, on the 26th, February 2014

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Art and Design Students with their designs for PACT Art and Design Students with their designs for PACT

Art and design students have made their mark after helping police reach out to the community.

An image of outstretched hands will adorn the walls around County Durham and Darlington promoting PACT – Police and Community Together – an initiative designed to identify policing issues and priorities.

Thirty Level 2 and Level 3 Extended Diploma Art and Design students at Darlington College were approached for help by police, spending weeks on a host of images.

Their efforts were judged by Darlington Inspector Mick Button and Deputy Chief Constable Michael Banks who selected 12 poster designs, one for each month of the year.

The overall winner was Matt Hall, whose outstretched hands encapsulated the ethos behind PACT.

Mr Banks said: “PACT offers the community a chance to be heard, to discuss issues that affect communities and agree priorities – but we need as many people as possible to attend these meetings.

“The new posters need to attract and sustain attention and the students’ work mixed explicit and subliminal messages, which we can use over the next year.”
Mr Banks had high praise for all the work. “I have been absolutely bowled over by the standard, quality and creativity of all the work,” he said.

“But I singled out Matt because I loved the concept of the raised hands and the fact his design was the most versatile.”

Matt, who is aiming for a career in graphic design, said: “I was really surprised and delighted to win. I have always enjoyed working in a creative environment.

“With this design I actually came up with the slogan first, Raise a Hand, and the image followed from there.

Darlington College tutor Pippa Eeles added: “We have been commissioned before by the police with awareness campaigns and it’s great that they approached us again as it means they acknowledge the high standards of our students’ work.”

All the students will receive a certificate from the police and the winning 12 will attend police headquarters in Durham where they will receive a commendation from the Chief Constable.

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