Jenny Chapman Visits Uniformed Public Services Students for a Q&A Session

In Adults, Apprenticeships, News, School Leavers, on the 20th, September 2016

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Jenny Chapman takes questions from students.

Darlington MP Jenny Chapman said she was impressed by the range of serious questions posed by uniformed services students on a recent visit to Darlington College.

The first and second year students held her to account on everything from Brexit to international defence policy.

Mrs Chapman said the students were clearly well informed on current affairs, which would stand them well for careers in public service.

The students were keen to hear how Brexit could affect their futures and what budget cuts would mean for the Armed Forces.

“They were a really terrific group of students who had clearly done their homework and were clearly interested in current affairs.

“It was great to see so many girls in the group and they all clearly have great futures ahead of them.”

Tutor, Gary Paxton said the students showed an interest in local and national politics and were keen to learn about events affecting their lives and futures.

“It was a great visit and the students worked hard on their questions to make sure they got the most out of the visit.”

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