A Former Footballer Who Won A Full International Scholarship Who Suffered Cruel Blow To Her Career Uses Experience Of Sports Injuries To Inspire New Generation Of Experts.

In News, on the 7th, January 2016

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Lucy Carroll broke her leg six months into a four-year scholarship to play the beautiful game at a university in Louisiana in the States.

But the 27-year old now draws on her own experience of recovery and rehabilitation teaching a Sports Science Diploma at Darlington College.

Lucy said her students recognised the importance of academic study as well as following their sporting dreams.

“I think my experience gives them hope that there are other alternatives and that you can use sport to further your career in lots of different way,” she said.

Lucy, who is 27, studied the same sports course she now teaches on at a college in Northamptonshire before moving to Louisiana.

After she broke her leg, for the second time, she returned to the UK to study Sports Therapy at Teesside University before a Masters in Advanced Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, and finally three years ago completed her Teaching Training.

“Although breaking my leg was awful it meant I had the chance to review what I was doing and completed my studies in a much quicker time.

“I can share with my students what happened and in the course teach them about sports injuries, sports massage and fitness testing among other topics, using my professional experiences and scenarios to bring the subjects to life” she said.

Lucy works part time at the college and practises as a sports therapist at Teesside Sports Injury Clinic in Stokesley.

“It’s a very physical job so being able to teach at the college is very helpful. I would like to think it helps my students understand that studying on a course like this can lead to a whole range of options that they may never have considered,” she added.

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