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Student Counselling gives you the chance to talk to a qualified counsellor in a confidential setting about any personal concerns or difficulties you might be experiencing, whether they are about your life at college or outside.  Often your ability to study is seriously affected when you bottle up difficult feelings and put on a brave face.  Counselling can help you look at your current situation and help you make your own decisions in order for you to find a solution.

What students say about the service

"The Counselling Service helped me through a lot of things.  When I thought I had no one to talk to -  I found that I did and it was great." - IT Student

To make an appointment

Counselling is available to all students at Darlington College. To make an appointment with the College Counsellor, please complete the counselling referral forms found on the student intranet and forward as instructed on the form.

If you have any queries about counselling or the counselling service, then please telephone Debbie, the College Counsellor by:

Student Counselling
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