Assessing Your Training Needs

Training solutions as individual as your business.

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A one-size-fits-all training package could never suit the requirements of every business. At Darlington College our approach is to develop strong relationships with local businesses and deliver real value by providing appropriately tailored training solutions for each individual organisation to help them meet their goals.

Assessing Your Training Needs

It’s important to thoroughly understand your organisation’s challenges and aspirations before designing a training solution for your business. To do this, we complete a free Organisational Needs Analysis (ONA) that ensures our training really meets your business needs. The ONA ascertains the type of training solution you require by looking at where you are now, where you want to be, and what we need to do to get you there. We can visit your business at your convenience to conduct the ONA.

Seven Steps to Training Heaven

We employ a robust “seven step” approach to working with businesses on their training solutions.

Step 1: Managing your initial enquiry

We guarantee to respond to your enquiry within two working days when you contact us through our dedicated business telephone line (01325 503 108). 

Step 2: Identifying your training needs

We complete an ONA to ensure we fully understand your business training needs.

Step 3: Preparing your training solution

A personal adviser works with you to design a training package that meets your needs and includes information on assessment requirements, qualifications, and available funding.

Step 4: Producing your training proposal

Your adviser presents a detailed training proposal that confirms your training objectives and explains the training package along with associated costs, timescales and resources. It also names the people who will carry out your training and contains other important details.

Step 5: Delivering your training

Experienced professionals deliver your training at a time and place convenient to your organisation.

Step 6: Evaluating your training

Your advisor conducts a thorough evaluation to ensure you are satisfied and that the training has met your objectives.

Step 7: Maintaining our partnership

We continue to update you on training programmes and events that can benefit your business.


Get in touch! Discover how Darlington College can help your organisation meet its goals. Contact the Business Development Team today on 01325 503 108 or email for more information.

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