Intermediate Digital Photography

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You can enrol onto this course, come to the college and our staff will be able to help you.
Qualification type: Certificate
Level: Level 2
Awarding body COLLCERT
Academic year: 2018/2019
Start date Wed 12th Sept, Tues 4th Dec 2018 and Thurs 7th Mar 2019; 6pm-9pm
Duration 10 weeks
Location: Darlington College
Attendance: Short course
You can enrol onto this course, come to the college and our staff will be able to help you.

Course overview

This is a practical course suitable for those who have completed the Beginners Digital Photography course. The course will provide you with the opportunity to develop your creative and technical skills. You will be encouraged to build your photography portfolios.

This programme has been specifically designed for digital camera users (Compact or SLR) who have a keen interest in photography. The course will cover a range of technical and creative aspects of this medium.

To book on to this course, please complete this booking form and return with payment, alternatively email with the completed form.

If you have any difficulties in completing or accessing this form, please give Lindsey a call on 01325 503216.

Course costs

Costs shown are per course







This is a full cost course and does not qualify for remission of fees

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course. You will need a commitment to work hard. It is recommended that you have completed our Photography Introduction course or equivalent course.

Having your own camera is preferred however we can loan you a camera for workshop sessions.

How to enquire/apply

To apply for this course please complete the booking form via the link on the course overview section.

Studying and learning

Week 1
Registration. Tour of facilities, course introduction and overview. In-camera metering and metering modes.

Weeks 2 and 3
Understanding stops. Using manual exposure mode.

Week 4
Using a hand-held light-meter for more accurate exposure.

Week 5
Sensors, resolution and megapixels.

Week 6
File types: RAW versus JPEG. The benefits of shooting RAW.

Week 7
Introduction to Adobe Camera RAW (ACR).

Weeks 8 and 9
Using on camera flash. Balancing flash with ambient light.

Weeks 10 and 11
Introduction to studio photography.

How will I be assessed

You will receive a college certificate of attendance.

What next

Progress into a supporting role in photography, advertising or art and design. This course is designed to lead onto our advanced photography course. This course will also aid the progression of anyone who wishes to go onto any of our Level 1 or 2 programmes in art, design or media. Many of our students progress on to our other Adobe Certified Associate courses so they are fully trained in the full Adobe Creative Suite of software packages.

Information, advice and support

Darlington College offers a wide range of support including careers guidance, financial assistance, additional learning support, childcare and many more. For more information on any aspect of student support contact the Student Services Team on 01325 503030 and they will direct your call to the appropriate college support team.

Fees and funding

This course does not qualify for fee remission - therefore fees are payable.
Course fees are payable to Darlington College. Registration and membership fees may be payable. All course fees are per year.

What if I need support?

Here at the college we have outstanding support. Our support staff are dedicated to providing you with all the help and guidance you may need throughout your college journey.

You might need help and advice on a wide range of issues such as childcare, counselling and additional learning support. For more information on any aspect of student support contact the Course and Information Team, who will direct your call to the appropriate member of the college support team, call: 01325 503030.

You can enrol onto this course, come to the college and our staff will be able to help you.

Enquiry Form

If you have any questions about this course, send us a message using the form below.

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