Apprenticeship Reforms

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Government Commitment

The Government is committed to significantly increasing the quantity and quality of apprenticeships in England to reach 3 million starts through their 2020 vision. In April 2017 the way the government funds apprenticeships is changing.  Why not let Darlington College help you to manage this process?

What has happened so far

Currently Apprenticeships are designed around a framework.  The library of Frameworks can be found at Apprenticeship Frameworks Online.

The Government are looking to phase out these Frameworks to put employers at the heart of designing new Apprenticeship Standards through the Trailblazer programme. Each standard is designed around a specific occupation and standards that are approved for delivery and that are also pending approval can be found here.

For FAQ’s about the changes to Apprenticeships and moving from frameworks to standards, or if you want to be involved in developing a standard through a Trailblazer group see ApprenticeMakers for details.


The Apprenticeship Levy and Funding

Any UK employer, in any sector, with a pay bill of more than 3 million per year is liable to pay the levy from April 2017. For non levy payers, after this date apprenticeships will be funded through co-investment between the employer and the Government. (Funding ratio from the Government is still to be finalised)

If you require any further information regarding apprenticeships and the reforms, or you wish to take on a new apprentice please contact our Business Development Team on 01325 503041 or email




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