Progression Coaches

Every full time student has a dedicated Progression Coach linked to the area of curriculum you will study in.

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As well as monitoring students’ attendance and progress, the Progression Coach will help provide a general educational framework for students and will develop in groups and individually the following parts of the curriculum:

  • The student’s part in the life of the College as a whole
  • The links between the student and the wider community
  • The development of study skills
  • Review of student’s programme of study and their progress
  • The links between a student’s specialist study and other areas of knowledge
  • The building up and termly review of an Individual Action Plan for each student

Your Progression Coach is here to help you to reach your full potential at College. They are on hand to provide help in many areas of your educational journey such as support with organising your studies, supporting you when you feel under pressure and providing impartial advice on lots of issues.

If you are sick or have an emergency and can’t get into College then you (or someone on your behalf) must contact your Progression Coach by telephone before 9am – Progression Coach Contact Details

In certain circumstances e.g. hospital appointment, driving test, etc. you can apply to your Progression Coach for your absence to be authorised. This MUST be done at least two days before the appointment. A list of the type of absences that can be authorised is available from the Progression Coaches or Student Services.


Students failing to maintain a satisfactory level of attendance or behaviour will invoke the College Disciplinary Procedures.

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